lunedì 16 luglio 2018

2nd Trasnational Project Meeting: Latvia May 15th-20th 2018

May 15th 2018: we are ready to go...

Walking around Riga...


 May 16th 2018: Ventspils and welcoming dinner at restaurant


May 17th 2018: welcome to Ventspils preschool "Pasaka"...
... visiting Seaside Open-Air Museum, traditional lunch, ...
... visiting Ventspils Livonian Order Castle


May 18th 2018: cultural visit at Rundales palace

Cultural visit at Jaunpils palace and medieval dinner
Visiting Kuldiga city
May 19th 2018: Project work and lessons at the digital center

Participating in Parventas Festival: festive procession and traditional concert
Visiting House of crafts

Farewell evening

May 20yh 2018: before returning a ride to the beach of Ventspils
Goodbye friends!


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